Non Adhesive Tattoo Film Roll - None Adhesive Tattoo Film Roll
Non Adhesive Tattoo Film Roll - None Adhesive Tattoo Film Roll
Non Adhesive Tattoo Film Roll

Non Adhesive Tattoo Film Roll

Product Specification:
  • Non Adhesive Ta... :

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General Instructions

  • A tattoo is essentially an open wound, so treat it as such. Don’t touch it with dirty fingers or clothing. Keep it clean!
  • No baths or swimming for 7 days.
  • Avoid sun burns. In fact, do your best to keep it out of direct sun-light for 7 days.
  • Avoid excess sweating and exercise for the first 7 days.
  • Do not scratch or pick at your tattoo. This should not be a problem the first week, as you’ll be wearing the second skin, but for the 3 weeks afterwards do not mess with the dry skin. Light slaps/patting helps with the itchiness, though

Specific Instructions


  1. More than likely you will leave our tattoo shop wearing a second skin. You will keep this wrap on 24 to 48 hours. The two determining factors of whether you should take it off early are if (a) it is already peeling off and exposing tattooed skin and (b) if excess fluid has built up underneath. Some fluid will naturally pool as plasma and some ink ooze from your fresh tattoo.
  2. To remove the second-skin go in the shower and run warm, not hot water over the wrap for a few minutes. This will soften the glue. Then peel the wrap away slowly. *Make sure to wash your hands with soap before doing this.
  3. Next do not shoot water directly at your tattoo. Instead let it hit above the tattoo and run down until the skin feels normal and free of blood plasma.
  4. Do not use soap to clean your tattoo, as some soaps have ingredients that will adversely affect your new tattoo.
  5. When you exit the shower, dry your tattoo by PATTING it down with something very clean. We recommend a freshly opened roll of paper towels. Do not rub the tattoo dry. And do not use something potentially dirty to dry it, as that could cause infection.
  6. Then reapply a new second-skin. Make sure your hands are clean!
  7. *Note that while the second-skin is breathable, its evaporation rate is not magically fast. So do not get yourself in a situation where you are sweating so much, creating a pool of hot water under the wrap.

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